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(4-days + new BIG MOCK exam 2020)

Join our new and improved 4-day online revision course with Dr Adam & Dr Sze!

At PLABABLE we believe revising together with experts who know how the PLAB exam works is the best way to prepare for PLAB 1. We know there are lots of bad recalls, wrong keys and poorly written explanations out there - and we're here to help you avoid them all and approach the exam with confidence!


What's included:

  • Expert teachers who developed and wrote the PLABABLE question bank

  • High yield topics - frequently asked in the PLAB exam

  • Highly debated questions - answered once and for all!

  • Interactive and detailed lectures - based on the most recent UK guidelines!

  • How to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls

  • Dedicated WhatsApp group including course tutors

  • Lecture slides available after the course for ongoing revision

  • A new BIG MOCK exam made up of NEW questions, not within the PLABABLE question bank



  • 25th - 28th April 2024 

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  • Stream the course live on your computer or tablet at home!

  • There is no option to attend in person



  • £130 per person

(includes dedicated WhatsApp group and revision slides/BIG MOCK post-course)

For further queries about our courses, please contact:


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