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Where:  Online

Duration:  2 Hours

Price:  £25

Virtual clinical attachment

Heart & Hands

Get insight into the roles and responsibilities of one of the best healthcare systems in the work, the NHS.

Many NHS jobs now require international medical graduates to have experience working within the NHS through clinical attachments or observerships. With COVID-19, it has been difficult to access any clinical shadowing and work experience, which has directly disadvantaged many international doctors. This webinar will give candidates the opportunity to get experience and a better understanding of 'life in the NHS' from the comfort of your own home.


This vital experience can be included in your NHS job application and discussed at a job interview. We will explain how to do this at the end of the webinar.

Hear from NHS junior doctors and participate in a Q&A session following the webinar.

Certificate of attendance provided.

Topics covered:

  • Why the NHS is different 

  • Challenges for IMG doctors in the NHS

  • Work-life balance

  • Life on the wards

  • Handover

  • Patient clerking

  • Night shifts

  • Specialities

  • Doctors pay and current issues

  • Hot topics for interviews

  • Question & Answers


  • Online viewing

- Available anytime.


  • £25

(includes certificate of attendance and dedicated WhatsApp group for ongoing support)

The webinar will be recorded for later viewing if you miss the session.

Large group bookings and invoices are available on request. 


For further queries, please contact:

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