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MBBS Personal Statement
Review Service

The purpose of a Personal Statement is to summarise your experience, achievements and career goals to potential medical schools. 

It is vital that all medical school applicants have a competitive, well written personal statement to ensure the best chance of success!

We offer a professional, thorough analysis of your personal statement to ensure it represents you in the best possible way.

Our high-quality personal statement review service offers: 

  • Review by an experienced NHS doctor and current medical student

  • Detailed analysis of your personal statement with line-by-line feedback

  • Grammar and spelling checked

  • Feedback provided on areas of improvement and how to optimise the word count

  • Suggestions matched to medical school  requirements

  • Professional personal statement development guide provided

£40 per
Personal Statement

5-7 days

(Express 24 hour review
can be arranged)

Personal statement 

An experienced NHS doctor will review your personal statement and perform a detailed analysis of the structure, content and style.
We will also correct any grammar and spelling errors.

Professional personal statement development guide

As part of the service, we include access to our personal statement development guide which details the essential steps to creating a personal satement and the common mistakes made by doctors. 

Feedback and Improvements

Feedback provided on structure, content and style.
Feedback provided on areas of improvement.
Suggestions matched to medical school requirements.

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