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An opportunity to teach a virtual class and gain vital feedback


Do you want more teaching experience?

Do you want feedback on your teaching style and approach?

Do you want a resource that boosts your CV and NHS application?

Then our micro-teaching experience is for you!

Candidates will be invited to a zoom meeting with 6 other participants. Each candidate will conduct a 10-15 minute virtual teaching session to the group. There will then be an opportunity for questions from each group member and receive feedback on your teaching. This is all done in a friendly, relaxed environment, with an expert facilitator trained in assessment and feedback.

The aim of the micro-teaching assessment is to allow you to demonstrate your teaching skills as well as gain vital feedback and reflection on your teaching approach.

This opportunity can be included on your CV and NHS application, as well as mentioning it at interview.

(an example of how this can be included in an interview answer is below)


Micro-Teaching Experience

Cost: £30

Dates: Once registered, please contact to arrange a date for the micro-teaching session

How the micro-teach can be used in a job interview:

Interview question: Please give an example of your teaching experience?"


Candidate answer: "Teaching is one of passions, and I have taken every opportunity to help boost my experience. I have completed a CPD-accredited course called 'train the clinical teacher' which helped me better understand the principles of teaching and different student's learning styles. I have also conducted a micro teaching session on [insert topic] and gained vital feedback on my teaching style.
On the wards I have taught medical students ...."

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