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Doctor Adam Jakes

Revision Courses, Webinars and Mock Exams

Doctor Adam Jake

CV/NHS Job Application Review and Interview Preparation

Clinical Governance Course

A series of three webinars covering clinical audit, quality improvement and leadership & management. Learn the importance of clinical governance within the NHS and boost your CV and NHS job application. CPD accredited and certificate provided.

CPD certified

Train the Clinical Teacher Course

Join our online 'Train the Clinical Teacher' course, and learn the importance of teaching theory, practical assessment and effective feedback as a clinical teacher. Great for boosting your CV and NHS application.

We also offer an opportunity to give a virtual micro-teaching session and obtain vital feedback. This helps expand your teaching experience and is great to discuss at an NHS job interview.

CPD certified
OET Writing & Speaking Mock Tests

Attempt our OET Writing mock tests, developed and marked by our expert teachers. Once completed, email the written test back to us and we will mark it using the OET assessment criteria.

Attempt our OET Speaking mock tests with our expert teachers to ensure you're ready for the OET Speaking exam with instant feedback.
mock consists of 2 case scenarios. Conducted via Zoom at a time that suits you.

Exam Revision Courses

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Join our intensive 4-day online revision course for the PLAB 1 exam with Dr Adam & Dr Sze! Includes the BIG MOCK exam 2021,
which contains 180 unseen questions. 

Ensure your revision is complete for the MRCOG Part 1 and Part 2 exams by joining our intensive last-minute online revision course with detailed summary slides.

Join our 'Statistics for Exams' webinar to improve your understanding of statistics and epidemiology for postgraduate exams 


Revision Webinars

Join our popular revision webinars through a dedicated live stream from anywhere in the world! Listen, watch and ask questions.

Sunil, Doctor

Elizabeta, Doctor

Ahmad, Doctor

Very interesting class, I highly
recommend to anyone who is sitting

for the PLAB 1 exam.

Nicely done! With concise notes, easy explanations and fun analogies. Always a good idea to join your webinars for revisions. 

Dr Adam is really good at explaining. Gives the concept in a concise and understandable way. Please do it again!

Career Services


Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Review Service

It is vital that all doctors maintain an up to date CV. The purpose of a CV is to summarise your experience, achievements and career goals to potential employers. We will professionally review your CV for structure, content and style, together with spelling and grammar.

Includes our professional CV template, CV development guide and reference record.

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