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All healthcare professionals applying for clinical jobs within the NHS are now expected to demonstrate experience and knowledge of clinical governance. This includes clinical audit, quality improvement, leadership and management. However, it can be very challenging to find the time and opportunities for training. In addition, medical students and international graduates have less exposure and opportunities to participate in clinical audit and quality improvement. Leadership and management roles are also few and far between.

Join our online course with experienced NHS doctors; Dr Adam Jakes & Ms Jess McMicking, and learn the importance of clinical governance within the NHS, the processes involved in completing an audit/quality improvement and further develop leadership and management skills.

* CPD Accredited Course *


  • £15 per webinar (includes webinar attendance certificate)

  • £35 for all 3 webinars (complete CPD-accredited course)

Completing all 3 webinars results in the completion of the
'Introduction to Clinical Governance' course

Stream the webinars live on your computer or tablet at home!

Clinical Audit

Quality Improvement

& Management

Learning objectives:

  • What is a clinical audit

  • The importance of clinical audit

  • How does audit differ from quality improvement and research

  • Stages of the audit cycle

  • Conducting an audit and considerations

  • Writing an audit report and publishing

Learning objectives:

  • What is quality improvement

  • How does quality improvement differ from clinical audit and research

  • What makes a successful quality improvement project

  • Conducting a quality improvement project

  • Writing a quality improvement report and publishing

Learning objectives:

  • Clinical leadership and management within the NHS

  • Leadership vs. Management

  • Leadership styles

  • What makes a good leader?

  • Emotional intelligence, Negotiation and Resilience

  • Civility, Diversity and Inclusion

  • How to be an effective leader

  • Opportunities within the NHS


  • Online viewing
    Available anytime!


  • Online viewing
    Available anytime!


  • Online viewing
    Available anytime!

All 3 webinars are recorded and can be viewed anytime up to 1 month after the course.

Each webinar runs three times a year. Subscribe for updates on future courses
Certificate of webinar attendance will be provided for each webinar if purchased separately.
Only after attending the Clinical Audit, Quality Improvement and Leadership & Management webinars will a certificate of course completion and CPD points be provided.

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